Propane is sometimes a pro-pain when you just go to the big box store and swap your tank out for one that is new and shinny.  Here is what you end up missing every time you do it.  About five dollars.  The average person that uses a lot of propane for grilling swaps their tank out every 3 months.  They always leave some propane in the tank that they have paid for.  Don’t swap your tank out.  Refill it for real savings.  Besides… Mr. Lincoln would be proud of you.

five_dollar_bill_frontAt CMAC We use a precise system that will fill your tank and save you around five dollars a tank.  Also the 10-20% that you have already paid for stays with you.

We are right off US Highway 98 in Fairhope, AL and are on the way home.  Don’t swap, just hop on by.  Our tank is always full.




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