Residential Mowers

zee2_view2At Dixie Chopper, “Residential” means a machine used for a homeowner or any machine not being used commercially. The only series classified as residential include the Zee 1, Zee 2, and Magnum models. Each series have a 3 year bumper-to-bumper warranty* with unlimited hour usage. No lifetime warranties apply to Zee or Magnum series with the exception of stainless steel on the Zee 2 and Magnum


Commercial Mowers

classic_view2Commercial Machines are built for heavy-duty use and include the Magnum HP, Silver Eagle, and Stryker families. Silver Eagles have a bumper-to-bumper limited warranty up to 5 years (with less than 600 hours) and a 5 year drivetrain warranty up to 3000 hours which includes transaxles, pumps, and wheel motors. Stryker and Magnum HP models are classified as Light Commercial and carry a 4 Year up to 500 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty for residential use and 2 year/unlimited hour for commercial use. Commercial machines include all “Lifetime Warranties*” from Dixie Chopper.


Industrial Mowers

xcaliber4x4_view2Industrial is a term used by Dixie Chopper to classify our biggest and strongest machines built with all of the “Plus” features. Industrial mowers include the Classic, XcaliberXcaliber Propane, and the Xcaliber Twin models.

These machines are considered “industrial” because they are built on our unmatched 6-rail frame, which is the strongest frame in the industry, and they utilize over-sized hydraulics for increase torque and maximum power. Most industrial mowers are standard equipped with Turf Boss tires, springer forks, suspension seat, electric deck lift, Amsoil by-pass filter (on 33 HP Generac engines), and the most advanced deck spindle hub in the mower industry.

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