Kawasaki FS Engines The Kawasaki® FS engines are tried and true engines backed with a 3 year warranty.  Kawasaki® is trusted by outdoor landscape professionals everywhere for their high horsepower and low emissions.
X-Blade Dixie Chopper’s patented X-Blade comes factory standard on the Magnum series. When mulching is desired, adding a Twist Blade to the existing X-Blade increases the mulching effect for finer clippings.
Spindles The Magnum features Dixie Chopper’s heavy-duty deck spindles on every model. The deck hubs feature a deep groove pulley with machined holes and a cooling fan. The pulley and fan help keep the spindle and belt cool while keeping the deck clean. No other manufacturer combines these features!
Hydro Gear ZT 3200 The Magnum utilizes Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400 transaxles. The fully serviceable transaxles deliver smooth, infinitely variable speed and bi-directional control in a durable integrated package.
X2 Deck - Magnum R The X2 deck combines Dixie Chopper’s “X-Blade Technology” with an industry leading 2″ blade overlap.  This combination and high blade tip speed maximizes vacuum and discharge for an unmatched quality cut.

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