ClubCar1Club Car Villager LSV

Your lifestyle is personal. So is your choice of transportation. By selecting a Club Car Villager 2 or 2+2 LSV, you’re making a personal statement. You’r also making a personal contribution to the environment without sacrificing style, convenience or sophistication. The zero-emissions Villager LSV (low-speed vehicle) is sporty, fun to drive and doesn’t require any fuel. It’s powered exclusively by electricity and is legal to drive on roads with speed ratigns up to 35 mph.

Let CMAC Services quote you one. Call 251-517-0678 and speak to Jon McMurray.

Exclusive IntelliTach™ System

ClubCar2Working on rough terrain is easy with our automatic all-wheel drive system, which senses the ground you’re on and shifts gears as needed. With other vehicles, drivers must stop to engage the locking differential. But with IntelliTrak, just select “forward or “reverse” and the system does the rest. Get more from your vehicle with IntelliTach, our exclusive hydraulic-powered quick-change attachment system. A mounting plate interfaces with five attachments – bucket, pallet fork, push broom, blade and mower – with a quick-release handle to lock and unlock the connection.

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